Throwing Stars Poetry Workshops

Throwing Stars Poetry Workshops are Poetry and Expressive Art as Therapy workshops that can be delivered as Poetry Shorts, Poetry Overcoming or Poetry Combined.  Each session is designed to raise self- esteem and self–efficacy, explore emotions, raise self awareness, improve social skills and address unresolved emotions.

These Throwing Stars Poetry Workshops are based around the book by Loren Eiseley “The Star Thrower”.  Admired for his compassionate, probing essays on the natural world, his writing focuses on human evolution and consciousness.  Specifically, how we perceive the world and adapt or relate to it.  His most well known essay the “Star Thrower” is often used by motivational speakers.

All these “Poetry Overcoming” sessions link to the “Adinkra” and “Butterflies” Sessions.  Each module links to a specific core issue outlined below.  Each module follows a similar template as outlined in the sample session.

Throwing Stars Poetry Workshop Modules

  • Overcoming Abuse
  • Overcoming Anger
  • Overcoming Anxiety
  • Overcoming Betrayal
  • Overcoming Depression
  • Overcoming Powerlessness
  • Overcoming Shame and Guilt
  • Overcoming Social Phobias
  • Overcoming Stress
  • Overcoming Trauma
  • Letting Go

Samples Session Plan – Throwing Stars Poetry Workshops (example of 3-4 hour session)








Introduction 5-10 Minutes Introduction & Warm Up Art Therapy Warm Up



Icebreaker activity that highlights participants needs, what they are feeling today and introduces them to the session Activity printables, worksheets,

Paper, colouring pencils.

Main Activity 20 Minutes




30 – 40 Minutes










10-15 Minutes

Expressive Arts Therapy:















Spoken Word Performance:




Exploring Emotion through words, language, poetry, fiction etc.


Participants will be encouraged to write their own story or work in pairs or groups to tell a story and create a way to deliver it in 3-5 minutes




By the end of the session students will be able to:


Work in teams to fulfil an objective;


Perform in a self-designed skit;


Reflect on their own and other’s performances;


Empathise with others by creative means;


Manage emotions and behaviour


Improved Social Skills


Addressed Unresolved emotions



·       Self Awareness

·       Self respect

·       Self efficacy

·       Self esteem

·       Self confidence

·       Respect for others.

Activity printables, worksheets,

Paper, colouring pencils.




45 Minutes Symbolic/Ceremonial Performance of stories by participants.
Break 10-15


Letting Go Activity 5 Minutes Reflective/Prescriptive:


Introduction to Fingerprint Vision Boards


This module teaches participants techniques that they can use to develop new internal messages.


Fingerprint printable.


Printed words

Pens, colouring pencils

Glue, scissors.

Craft supplies

40 Minutes Creative/Expressive Participants create Fingerprint Vision boards for use at home.
Symbolic/Ceremonial Homework

Find a quiet, safe place; they will see every day to hang vision board.

Closing 10-15 Minutes Session Recap and close How do you feel? Evaluate and assess the learning gain.


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