Campfire Poetry – Poetry Workshop

Campfire Poetry – Poetry Workshop is a 2 hour combined poetry therapy session in an artificial campfire setting; created with a Projector and Screen.

The session is aimed at 7-13 year olds and is centred around two modules from our Poetry E.motion Syllabus; “Akoben” and “Ani Bre A Enso Gya” and are based on Mazza’s three-component, multidimensional poetry therapy practice model 1.Receptive/Prescriptive  2.Expressive/Creative  3.Symbolic/Ceremonial; with a unique touch.

Campfire Poetry – Poetry Workshop Overview

  • Students are seated in a semi circle to watch Akoben Poetry Performance by Naz Knight.
  • Students are then invited to create their own art or performance during a segment  inspired by the ValueTales by Dr. Spencer Johnson and Ann Donegan Johnson, and illustrated by Stephen Pileggi.  
  • The students will perform or display art around the campfire.
  • Following the break there will be another performance by Naz Knight – Ani Bre A Enso Gya poetry piece.
  • To follow the Ani Bre A Enso Gya theme of all of us being works in progress and how a journey cannot be rushed. Naz Knight will then perform a very basic aromatherapy candle making demonstration. (The students will not be in contact with the wax or equipment. please see risk assessment and specifications).  The rationale behind this is that candle making is a slow and deliberate process, that builds to an outcome.  We cannot get to the finished product without all the stages along the way; emphasising that accepting where we are on the journey is just as important as knowing where we are going.
    • o There is a choice of aromatherapy blends depending on the need of students, I generally use the “Confidence” blend but in some cases “anxiety relieving” or “happiness and peace” blends are more appropriate. I have attached a list in the endnotes
    • Student Involved candle making

o   The students will be asked to pick a mug, each mug will have the words or phrases above and a definition.

o   They will then each be given a wick tab, a wick sustainer and a wick to assemble the core of the candle

o   Once completed Naz will pour each candle and leave it to set whilst we undertake the final phase of the session.

  • Final Phase “The Moral of The Story Is”

o   Open discussion about the Akoben and Ani Bre A Enso Gya stories.

o   The candles will be given to the students’ responsible adult, with aromatherapy usage instructions.

Campfire Poetry – Poetry Workshop is a Poetry and Expressive Art as Therapy workshop that is designed to raise self- esteem and self–efficacy, explore emotions, raise self awareness, improve social skills and address unresolved emotions.

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