Poetry E.motion (POEM) is a build your own series of workshops.  As a result, we deliver them in 3 ways.

  1. One off sessions,
  2. A combined series of sessions,
  3. Or as taster sessions called Poetry Shorts.

Especially relevant to our success, POEM is moulded and formed by a dynamic team of Health Care Professionals, Counsellors, Artists, Healers and Educators and other Community Leaders who appreciate the healing power of words, digital arts and movement. As a result, these workshops promote personal growth and healing through spoken and written word, digital arts and movement.

Additionally, POEM is delivered by Naz Knight an interdisciplinary artist, who is the C.E.O and Founder of NINE RED Presents… (CIC) A Queen’s Award Winning Community Interest Company based in Luton.

Designed for people dealing with personal, interpersonal and community chal­lenges; any setting is a good setting for POEM. Consequently, POEM is deliverable in schools, charity, voluntary and community organisations, prisons, support groups, inpatient and day-hospitals, etc. We work with individuals aged 7+, whether in crisis or in search of personal development. We exist in that space where words, digital arts, movement and healing interconnect.

POEM combines the poetry therapy, the digital art therapy and the movement therapy elements of expressive arts therapies.  Our workshops are based on the three-component, multidimensional poetry therapy practice model developed by Mazza (1999, 2003), 1.Receptive/Prescriptive  2.Expressive/Creative  3.Symbolic/Ceremonial; but enhanced by our own unique approach,

Client focused sessions, tailored to your specific needs; fittting into 3 broad categories designed for delivery to the following age ranges: 7–11 year olds (KS2), 11-14 year olds (KS3), 15-18 years (KS4-KS5) and 18+

For more information please see the poetryemotion.artundefined.co.uk website

Poetry Shorts

Poetry Overcoming

Poetry Combined

Poetry E.motion Delivery Training.